Downtown Market Walk with a Northwest Blind Tasting
Saturday 11-3pm

July 21, 2018

A FREE September Eat Local Month Event, taste your way through downtown Bellingham’s unique markets and specialty food shops. Celebrate and explore Bellingham’s local food scene! This self-guided tour showcases the best of downtown’s local grocers, markets and specialty food shops.

Taste samples at each location and play “market walk” bingo for the chance to win local food prizes! Buying local food from local businesses keeps dollars here in our community and supports the folks who have built Bellingham into the beautiful community we all love.We are back at it.


We will be participating with our crowd pleasing Blind Tasting. We will be pouring 4 wines that have something in common. It's your job to try to figure out what the connection is. Don't pick wine by the label. After taking away all the marketing "BS", it comes down to just one thing.
Do you like it?
Now this is all in fun. Not a test by any means.
You will not be graded.

Come down and explore your palate.

Saturday, July 21st. 11-3 pm. No Fee Tasting