Shooting Star

Aligote 2015
Washington State, $9.99

Aligoté is a variety, which is little known but widely planted, with huge plantings in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Moldavia. It is the other white grape in Burgundy, but has always played second fiddle to the noble Chardonnay. The Newhouse family has farmed the land south of Sunnyside Washington for generations. They were some of the first wine grape growers experimenting with different varieties including two acres of Aligoté, planted in the 1970's.

Our Aligoté is barrel fermented, but we use older oak barrels rather than newer oak that we typically use for Chardonnay. The wine is crisp and clean, a wine with a nice balance of fruit and acidity. Flinty, mineral elements mix with a light floral hint on the nose, followed with the suggestion of tart/sweet apple and citrus on the palette, making it a wonderful, versatile food wine. Winery Notes.