The sun will come out Tomero  🌞 & Election Prep

The sun will come out Tomero  🌞 & Election Prep
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Wine of the Week


Tomero 2015 Petite Verdot "Reserva" 

Mendoza, Argentina

$15.99, $14.39 for Wine Club Members

Reg. Price $27.99 SAVE $12 - 42% off 

This election tension is building and I'm about to pop my cork. It's downright palpable. I believe it's time we take it from high anxiety to high altitude with this week's sweet deal from the vineyards of the Uco Valley in beautiful Argentina.
Please don't think me a braggart, but I have been to this winery and was unexpectedly surprised by it's story. It's been a while but this is how I remember it. Carlos Pulenta grew up in Argentina's leading wine family. Dad was all about big, big, big and with that attitude developed the largest producing winery in Argentina for that time.  The day eventually came, as it does with men and their offspring, that the sons took control. With respect to Pop, they chose to scale down and  focus on quality instead of quantity.  Each brother picked their top vineyard sites and they sold off everything else.  What they have developed is one of the most advanced wineries I have ever seen-and once again, not bragging, but I have seen more than a few. Put together premium sites, modern technology, and a family concerned with only the best and you will find yourself with some kick-ass wine in your glass.

Mistakes happen. The national importer came across some misplaced boxes in the warehouse. In an attempt to make things right and move things along they have offered a discount that brings us here today with quite possibly our TOP pick of the season.

"Healthy dark red. Aromatic nose combines black cherry, licorice and bay laurel. At once concentrated and sharply delineated, offering a touch of sweetness and solid framing acidity to its flavors of black fruits, herbs and spices. A lovely Petit Verdot with a sexy texture and ripe tannins to support a graceful evolution in bottle. Offers a nice combination of fresh acidity, tension and structure. The team cuts the production of these vines in half by January to ripen the rest and to assure clean, well-aerated grapes, and also pulls leaves on the morning side of the vines. A rather large-scaled Petit Verdot that's nonetheless easy to drink. Finishes with attractive fruit and ripe tannins."

"91 Points"
Vinous Stephen Tanzer aka-toughest critic on the planet. 

Petit Verdot is a variety of red wine grape, principally used in classic Bordeaux blends. It ripens much later than the other varieties in Bordeaux, often too late, so it fell out of favor in its home region. When it does ripen it adds tannin, color and flavor, in small amounts, to the blend. Petit verdot has attracted attention among winemakers in the New World, where it ripens more reliably and has been made into single varietal wine.

Pre Election Champagne Special

You know we make a strong point not to discuss politics with you all. You're like family and most happy families avoid religion, politics and all  subjects that tend to lead to a standoff. We feel we our mission is to make your life more enjoyable and relaxing.  We're all about the love.

Not everyone will have a reason to celebrate after next Tuesday's election. That's just how it works. Thank goodness Champagne is good for both elation and wound licking. We are prepping early. Sure, "A chicken in every pot" was a solid campaign but can it stand up to "A bottle of Champagne in every fridge"? 

Champagne Trouillard NV Brut

$39.99, $35.99 for Wine Club Members

Reg price $59.99. SAVE $20! $33% off

"Medium gold color with a rich, seductive nose of roasted grains. Shows an elegant attack and a very fine, rich mousse. Finishes very dry but long. Dried lemon peel and toasted bread are evident on the richly textured palate with notable mineral character. Finishes very dry and long."
"92 Points" International Wine Review 

The Trouillard family has been part of the Champagne business in Epernay since the 19th century with Lucien Trouillard, the founder, showing an interest in Champagne at an early age. He produced his first bottles in 1896.  When he passed away in 1966, his two sons took over the operation, followed by his grandsons Luc and Bertrand. In 1979, the House of Trouillard became one of the most important houses in the champagne business. The brothers split the activity in 1990 to focus on their own Champagne labels. However, Bertrand Trouillard shares a small cuverie with his cousins, enabling them to share the costs of production. Bertrand stresses the importance of tradition in the wine making process, but also uses modern methods of production when the quality is not undermined. Only the "jus de raisin" or first pressing is used. The wine is matured in their extensive underground caves cut from the naturally soft chalk where the temperature remains a constant 50°F.  Bertrand emphasizes the fact that the French quality laws in Champagne have been raised and the wines must spend a minimum of 15 months of bottle ageing as opposed to 12 months previously. In fact, their Extra Selection Brut spends at least two years on its lees before bottling. They produce 20,000 cases per year (quite small for Champagne) and they export 55% of the production. The house style is similar to a Blanc de Blancs: more emphasis is on the lighter fruit, thus the refreshing, crisp, yet creamy flavors. 




Notes by Hannah Green

The winemaking cooperative of Carpi e Sorbara counts 1,200 member-producers. The members and their vineyards originate from Carpi, Concordia, Poggio Rusco, Rio Saliceto, Sorbara, and Bazzano. The cooperative vineyards span nearly 5,000 acres; the winemakers choose the best varietals from each parcel for their specific vision of each wine. The cooperative is well versed in the careful work and tradition needed to produce high-quality Lambrusco wines, which turned Cantina di Carpi e Sorbara’s Lambrusco into one of the most revered products in the world. 

Sorbara Lambrusco "Emma" Rosé

$9.99, $8.99 for Wine Club Members

“Emma” is a tribute to Gino Friedmann, a man who saved the lives of countless Jewish children in Emilia-Romagna during WWII. As a person of many talents, Friedmann also practiced law for a number of years before turning his attention to farming. He would go on to become a founding member of Cantina di Carpi e Sorbara. Villa Emma was his home during the war and was used as a safe house where Jewish children were housed and protected. 

Emma is from the Sorbara region, made from the wine varietal of the same name, and blended with Salamino. This Lambrusco is considered “amabile” in style; “friendly” or “amiable,” the term refers to the sweetness level of this
rosé sparkler. 

Emma is deep
rosé in color, with a persistent froth. Aromas of berry fruits and floral aromatics rise from the glass, while beams of tart red cherry, cranberry, and raspberry infuse the palate. The finish, while lightly sweet and tinged with notes of candied orange zest, is balanced and youthful. Overall, Emma evokes images of abundant fruit brush, a veritable alcove of cherry trees, raspberry bushes, and lush runners of strawberries, all bathed in luminous sun. 


Sorbara Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce

$9.99, $8.99 for Wine Club Members

The Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce DOP vinifies, you guessed it, Lambrusco Salamino. It originated in the lands of Carpi (in the province of Modena), and is named after the village of Santa Croce. From here, the vine spread throughout Modena and neighboring lands. “Salamino” is named for the shape of the grape clusters: small, compact, and cylindrical, they are said to resemble the shape of a salami. Of all the Lambrusco wines, Salamino is the most structured, and though it’s made in a variety of styles, this bottle is bone-dry, with only 4 grams of residual sugar per liter. 

Dark and intense, Salamino is deep red with violet tinges, which can be attributed to the grape’s thin, blue-tinged skin. The bouquet is intense and fragrant, with red and black plums commanding the nose. Once past the ethereal purple mousse, you’ll find a structured, full-bodied palate with impressive acidity and notes of ripe red cherry, meaty plums, and a hint of dried figs. This bottle suggests a dusky grove with dark plum trees laden with blue-black fruit stretching over a floor of mountain laurel.

The dedication to Alfredo Molinari at the bottom of the label pays homage to the man who was critical in the early agricultural development of Emilia-Romagna.

Although Lambrusco isn’t in the spotlight as often as other sparkling wines, it’s an absolute star on the food pairing stage. This is THE pizza wine. It’s got enough texture and structure to take on chewy crust, rustic tomato sauce, and milky Mozzarella, and the savory-fruit notes in the wine pair with almost any pizza topping. I’d spring for the lightly sweeter Emma with a spicy pepperoni or pepperoncini pizza, and the earthier Salamino with a wild mushroom pie. Of course, it’s hard to improve upon perfection; this Saturday for Halloween, we’ll be poping a cork on one (or both?) of these Lambruscos and ordering a slice of Margherita heaven from Ovn Wood Fired Pizza

After experiencing the bliss that is Lambrusco and pizza (and hopefully feeding your inner child with a delightfully fizzy purple brew on Halloween!), turn your sights to the Thanksgiving table, where both off-dry and thoroughly dry Lambrusco are welcome refreshments. Just search “Thanksgiving Lambrusco” if you need more assurance. 


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